National Guild for Community Arts Education Conference
4:00 PM16:00

National Guild for Community Arts Education Conference

How to be the Admin. Whisperer: Accelerating Schools to Lead Passionately in and through the Arts.

Are you working directly with school administrators and lead teachers? Do you often feel defeated or that your school’s admin team is too dismissive of the arts? Our team has been coaching lead teachers and administrators for 4 years through two USDOE, AEMDD grants in Oakland, CA and Eugene, Oregon. With success, we have supported schools in our cities to develop systems and structures that implement an academic focus on artistic mindsets, integrating learning pedagogy, culturally responsive teaching and neuroscience. 


 Nathan Beard and Ross Anderson have led schools in Eugene, Oregon to seek creative engagement and growth-oriented mindsets as key outcomes of success. Jessa Brie Moreno and Mariah Rankine-Landers have led schools in Oakland to understand and implement creative inquiry processes leading towards whole school changes in culture.


 This session will share with you the practical and impractical steps that are needed to support school admin leaders and teams to not only understand why the arts are important but how to help them find their inner artist and how to coach through system wide changes that activate, amplify and uplift artistic thinking, arts practices, and integrated models of teaching and learning.


 We will take you through our staged implementation designs, that have accelerated schools to lead passionately in and through the arts to build a comprehensive, sustainable, and cohesive school wide model.

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