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Mariah Rankine-Landers, EdM


Mariah (she/ her) stepped out of the classroom in 2011 to step into teacher leadership at Alameda County Office of Education as former Director of the Integrated Learning Specialist Program and Director of School Transformation Through the Arts. Mariah is sought out for her ability to design responsive curriculum centered in creative inquiry. She’s a coach to educators at large to interrupt master narratives in favor of a systems whose outcomes are justice.

Mariah’s work promotes and invites the educational system to redesign its purposes with the role of the contemporary artists at the forefront of how young people can develop the capacity for imagination, innovation, perception, and critical thought that will bridge and build a society that we all deserve. Mariah leads with conviction that if you tend to your heart, tend to the art that motivates you, and lead with love, that our schools can dissolve the oppressive systems they uphold and become the sanctuaries we all need to fully bloom and become. She was particularly motivated to co-found Studio Pathways by the musical “Hamilton, An American Musical” to transform teaching and learning through creative inquiry. Mariah as a doorway to activate the changes in attitudes, assumptions and patterns of knowing that teachers and students should wrestle with.

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Unique Holland, MNA


Unique (she/ her) Is a cultural strategist, facilitator and strategic communications specialist focusing on racial equity and social justice projects. Her long-term experience in art and theater production brings a special sensitivity to the development and management of projects in the public realm, where she crosses easily between aesthetic, communicative, and facilitative practices to produce meaningful collective outcomes.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Unique has worked over two decades developing community-engaged art projects and in centered on explorations of community, youth leadership, and public policy, including an eight-year project based in Oakland. California. Her work as a collaborating artist and director has been performed and exhibited in in the U.S. and internationally, including Vancouver, BC; Taipei, Taiwan, London, England, Quito, Ecuador), and Belfast, Ireland. This work is part of a long-term artistic and social engagement in conversations on equity, both in the arts and beyond.

Before joining Studio Pathways, Unique spent eight years as the Director of Communications & Public Affairs at the Alameda County Office of Education. Prior to that, she served as an Executive Director for the East Bay Leadership Foundation and in other nonprofit leadership rolese to successfully developed and lead a host of educational and community-based programs for youth.


Jessa Brie-Moreno, MFA


Jessa (she/her) uses compassionate inquiry to unlock creativity, shift power disparities, and embody multiple narratives for a better world. Jessa has been a professional theatre artist, facilitator and arts educator for over twenty years, which serves as her template for healthy collectivism in action. She recently served as Local Advocacy Field Manager for the California Alliance for Arts Education, is ongoing Adjunct Faculty with the California Institute for Integral Studies and San Jose State University, and is a founding member of White Educators for Racial Justice, a study group for decentering whiteness and disrupting bias in the classroom. As former Co-Director of School Transformation Through the Arts and the Integrated Learning Specialist Program out of the Alameda County Office of Education, she had the pleasure of midwifing educators and leaders through whole-school mindset shifts.

A Bay Area resident since 1997, she has directed and acted with over a dozen local professional theater companies, winning awards and honors. She served as Dept. Chair of the Oakland Tech Performing Arts Program and as Founding Director of both the award-winning student theatre company OakTechRep and the Oakland Theatre Arts Initiative. She is a graduate of Scuola Internazionale dell'Attore Comico in Italy and holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Creative Inquiry and an English Language Arts Teaching Credential. She wrestles actively with complex lineage as a sixth-generation settler colonist to California, fourth generation artist, third generation activist, & mother and godmother to many powerful young women.